How to Use The Internet to Become Funny

How to Use The Internet to Become Funny

Everybody loves someone who can tell a joke. There is nothing better than hanging out with a hilarious friend, as their constant stream of humour usually leaves you in a fantastic mood. We all need a friend that is a laugh, as it makes our lives a lot happier and a lot more positive.

Unfortunately, not all of us have been lucky enough to find a friend that can provide us with constant laughter and humour. If you do not have one of those friends, what is stopping you from becoming that friend?

You may be thinking that you aren’t that funny and so you don’t see it happening, but even the most hilarious people might not start off as funny, it is something that can be taught and learned.

In the past, people would buy joke books and watch clips from their favourite comedians to learn how to be funny. However, thanks to the internet, you no longer need to do this. The internet is a brilliant tool for learning absolutely anything and this includes being funny. Here is how you can use the internet to be funny.

Look For Joke Websites

Thanks to the speed of the internet, funny jokes are only a click away. If you simply Google funny jokes, you will be presented with millions of different internet pages that promise to offer you the funniest jokes that you can find.

These websites seem to be quite general, so if you are looking for specific jokes, you should make your searches a bit more specific. For example, you could look up football jokes or even pop culture jokes, the possibilities are endless.

If you are not sure which kind of jokes you want to look up to, just think about what makes you laugh. There is no point in being funny for the sake of others if you are not making yourself laugh at the same time. It is also likely that a lot of your friends have the same kind of humour as you, so they will find the jokes that make you laugh funny too.

Take Comedy Classes

Something that you will be glad to know is that you can take a lot of online comedy classes to try and improve your sense of humour. With the events of covid happening, a lot of comedians were unable to tour or perform live, which meant that they were struggling to make enough money to survive.

In order to try and make it through this difficult time period, a lot of comedians started to host online events, but often these events did not make them enough money, as not many people were attending.

Thanks to apps like Zoom, a lot of comedians were able to host online comedy classes for people that were looking to improve their overall sense of humour. You can have one to one classes with comedians that you contact online, or if you are quite shy you can join a group class, as comedians tend to do these quite often.

However, if you are really serious, I would recommend that you invest in one on one classes. One to one classes will really give you the best chance to improve your comedy, as the instructor will be focusing on you entirely and nobody else. You can also get to know him and find out how he became so great at comedy, by asking him interesting questions about his life and where he made his start in comedy, you will be able to learn from him and improve your own overall skills.

Attend Online Comedy Shows

Even though people are able to perform in person, there are still a lot of comedians and companies that are choosing to host their events online, or at least stream their live events on the internet for people to see.

A great way to improve your overall humour is by watching a lot of comedy performances and picking up on what gets the best reaction. For a lot of these gigs that are streamed online, there is still a live audience, so you can see what this audience is responding well to and try and implement this same humour into your life.

The 5 Best Software Providers for New Tech Companies

Fully Verified 

Financial security is a vital part of running a successful business belonging to any industry, with something as valuable as tech a ” know your customer ” service like what is offered by Fully Verified would be a great addition to your new technology company. KYC services refer to the protection and monitoring of a customers financial activity, this is done to prevent financial crimes such as money laundering or identity theft. This fraud protection is required by law so you will have to invest in this anyway, I tested many KYC providers and Fully-Verified turned out to be the best. This high rating comes from the development of the companies customer contact methods. Fully Verified will either ask clients to come in person to scan the required documents or use document scanning AI and facial recognition software to verify your finances more efficiently.


Dropbox is a software company offering data storage solutions both to individual companies and the general company. For a set fee Dropbox converts all of your data into an online cloud format, this not online offers much more storage compared to physical data banks, but also ensures your files are safe as they are covered by recovery protection meaning if anything were to happen your files would still be secure.  This security is vital in ensuring that something as precise as technology development data is protected appropriately. With different tariffs depending on the amount of required storage, this method is cheaper than private storage, and the added security is just another bonus. Dropbox also allows you to organise your data which can be accessed by multiple users at one time, so all employees can easily have remote access to any developments you may have in the running.


Software giant, Microsoft is a must-have office suite for any up and coming business, there’s a reason why Microsoft was reported as one of the most used software packages since its development. This well known virtual suite allows you to generate documents, spreadsheets, images, and presentations all in one easy to use package. This affordable service is an extremely useful tool for managing any business effectively, within the tech industry Microsoft also offers advanced editing and graphics software great for creating tech simulations and working on blueprints. As an office staple, this would have both corporate and technological functions making day to day life easier in the tech industry.

Concur Technologies Inc

Concur Technologies offers a range of services for managing expenses however, particularly for technology development companies Concur produce spending management tools tailored specifically towards manufacturing. When the newer tech companies begin producing prototypes and eventually mass producing its designs, it is crucial to keep control of your finances. Concur offers tools that help make this easier such as by automating admin processes that would normally require manpower, managing spending whilst giving the customer complete control, watching out for opportunities to save money and increase profit and this is all accessible across multiple devices and employees.

Slack Technologies Inc 

Slack Technologies provides communication platforms to ensure companies are able to effectively communicate between locations and between members of staff. This software company provides services such as file sharing, live messaging platform, file organisation and searching tools. With a practical and easy to use communication platform your tech company has a hub where potential tech designs can be shared between employees, this allows you to get eyes on your ideas easily and quickly receive feedback, your tech company not only runs as a much more integrated unit but it is able to churn out new developments much quicker as it is more convenient to work together even when it is not physically possible.

How To Stream Your Favorite Shows Online

Attractive young couple relaxing on couch while watching a movie on television.

The way in which we consume and enjoy the media that we watch has changed over time and this is in part thanks to advancements made in the internet. In the past, we would depend on what comes on the television and what is playing at the theaters to determine what we would be watching. We then evolved slightly into Blockbusters and other similar stores, where we could buy tapes and DVDs to take home.

These days, it is rare that someone will sit back and enjoy a DVD and we are far more impressed by the world of streaming, thanks to its convenience and low price in comparison to other forms of media.

Though streaming is fantastic, sometimes you have to be quite savvy to understand how to stream and not everyone understands technology and so avoid streaming completely. If this sounds like you, then you have come to the right place. Here is how to stream your favorite shows online.

Download Free Streaming Software

If you are someone that owns a Firestick or smart TV, something that you have likely been advised to try is free streaming software. If you are someone with little experience on the internet, your first thought is likely that software like that is completely unreliable and unsafe to use, but this is not the case at all. Our devices are extremely clever and thanks to powerful firewalls, it is now very rare that our devices will allow us to download something that may be harmful. The good thing about downloading streaming software is that you have all of the TV shows and series that you want to watch in one place, so you do not have to worry about the hassle of jumping between different apps.

There are a variety of apps that you can download, but above all I would definitely suggest that you use Vizio. Vizio is a reliable multi channel streaming app that allows you to access all of your favorite shows. If you are someone without a remote, as many as us are, you may be worried about using this app without a remote. However, you can do a lot of things in the app without the use of a controller. In fact, you can factory reset vizio tv without a remote and even control it using an app.

Watch Youtube Uploads

If you do not have money to spend on streaming apps and you are worried about free apps, I will let you in on a little secret. There are some people out there that record their DVD’s and streamed films and then upload this to Youtube. This is great for anyone that wants to use an app they know and love and you can often find pretty much any movie you want, as long as it is not a brand new release. You do have to remember that shows and movies do get deleted from the site and so you have to be fast.

Invest In Netflix

There are a lot of streaming platforms out there and it can be hard to choose exactly which one is worth buying. If you are looking for a streaming service that has a decent selection of movies and films, then I would say that Netflix is definitely the best of the bunch. Netflix are constantly changing and updating the films that they have, so you will never get bored of the selection that is on offer.

Join a Viewing Party

If there is a certain film that you have been dying to watch, but you have been unable to find it on the internet, I would recommend joining a viewing party. This consists of one person with access to a certain film or show sharing it in a stream online, which means that you can watch whatever if you need by doing a quick search of the movie you are looking for and finding the available viewing party.