Why Just About Anyone Can Master Console Gaming

Why Just About Anyone Can Master Console Gaming

While console gaming is something that so many of us enjoy taking part in on a regular basis, it is,..

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Why Just About Anyone Can Master Console Gaming

Why Just About Anyone Can Master Console Gaming
While console gaming is something that so many of us enjoy taking part in on a regular basis, it is not always easy to master with many people becoming frustrated when their skills are not quite up to par. It is easy to train up your skills and become much better at the games you love, so that you are able to progress onto the farther levels, rather than just giving up due to becoming annoyed. This article will be going over why it is so easy to become a skilled console gamer, with a focus on how you too can boost your skill level.

Trying a Variety of Games

One way that you can make sure you are ready for the release of new games would be to try a variety of different games so that you are well versed in a range of control types and game formats. If you gain experience playing a range of different games then it is likely that your skill level will be boosted across the board. This is because many games follow a similar control pattern which makes it much easier for you to pick up what you have to do in other games also. It may sound a bit cliche but the more you practice then it will soon become second nature for you and you will see an improvement in your scores.

Control Reflexes

Another way that you will start to get better at console gaming is by learning the controls and the necessary buttons until they become an instant reflex, this is something else that will develop over time and you will be surprised how easily it can be picked up with practice. This will also help when you are playing different games at the same time as many of the controls are transferable as we have previously mentioned. If you become accustomed to a certain control it is likely that you will be loyal to that console brand, which usually sticks with the same basic layout so as not to confuse their loyal fanbase.


It makes sense that the more you play games, the better you are going to be at it which I would argue is one of the main selling points of going through something that has a steady rate of development. It is not the end of the world if you don’t complete a level straight away and as you get more experience you will definitely see a boost to your scores. If you are not patient enough to wait for this to happen or you are stuck on a more advanced game like Valorant, then you may find coaching for Valorant and other games extremely useful.

Tailoring the Controls to Your Preference

What many people don’t know is that the majority of games have an included feature where you are able to customize your controls to make a certain move be assigned to a button of your choice. This is a great way that you can boost your skill level and start to have reflex reactions when you are in a certain gaming situation. You can find these options usually in the settings of your game menu, which will allow you to change the controls if necessary to the same ones that you are comfortable with.

Gaming is designed to be a fun activity that will satisfy and immerse your want to do an activity that may not be possible in real life, while you may consider your skill level to be something of importance you should also remember to have fun and not put to much pressure on yourself in something that is meant to be enjoyed.

The Hottest Bits of Car Tech we Cannot Wait For

Vehicle Background Checks Expansion

 One of the first pieces of vehicular technology that I will be looking at is the upgrades that are being made to the national vehicle background check system, using just a vehicle’s number plate and make and model you can find out everything you need to know about a vehicle including the running costs and costs of insurance as well as whether or not a vehicle is insured and who actually owns the vehicle. Using a VIN code check is very useful in a number of different situations with it being used very often by the authorities to check and see if a vehicle is owned by who is claiming it is as well as making sure they ate driving legally by being covered by insurance. It is also a very useful tool for those of you looking to buy a new car as you can easily see all of the details that you need to.  

Automatic Driving

 Another big piece of technology within the world of cars would have to be the recent release of some automatic driving functions specifically on Tesla’s cars. It is a piece of technology that we never thought we would have access to, it really is crazy to think that we can really buy a car that could drive itself. Using multiple sensors within the vehicle to track things in the cars surrounding area the car is able to drive itself whilst being aware of and being able to recognize potential dangers whilst the car is driving. This amazing technology is not cheap but if it is being made available for a higher price point right now who is today that the price won’t lower allowing more people to have access to these futuristic designs.  

Improvements to Satellite Navigation

Any driver will be able to tell you of a time that they have found themselves misled by their car’s navigation system, well you will be pleased to know that the satellite technology that is currently being sold is due to receive a big upgrade. Starting with a new fleet of satellites covering the whole world which are set to launch over the next few months, each official SatNav will receive an upgrade to the operating system as well as increased tracking sensitivity and troubleshooting within the new satellites to hopefully prevent people from finding themselves lost due to following a SatNav’s poor instructions. This upgrade could not come at a better time for Sat Nav users all over the world with more and more people reporting issues with the outdated software, it is nice to see a company that is wailing to improve their products after having them out for so long.  

Electric Car Developments  

The environment is an issue that is pretty much at the forefront of some of the world’s biggest worldwide issues, with vehicular pollution being a very large contributing factor that is negatively impacting our world. This threat to our environment has caused vehicle developers all over the world to try and speed things up when it comes to making affordable electric cars more readily available. As these vehicles are powered by less damaging to the environment power source of electricity it is a necessity that we start to try and increase the number of electrical cars that are on the road in comparison to the harmful fuel-powered models. The issue of pollution and environmental damage is not going to go away overnight but if there is a technical solution to vehicular pollution then I would suggest that we all take it.  

Is the World of ESports Becoming Dangerously Over Commercialized

Is the World of ESports Becoming Dangerously Over Commercialized
The world of Sports was changed forever when Gaming became an officially recognized Olympic sport. E-sports, as it is more commonly known, can be made up of any competitive game that allows players to face off against one another.

No longer was sport simply reserved for those with the physical powers to play on the field. Suddenly a whole new generation of athletes was born. Athletes who battled in virtual worlds rather than physically.

But as it grew in popularity so too did the gaming industry as a whole. More and more gaming moved away from being an art of passion, with games being made by small studios who cared. Instead, we saw major corporations swing into the gaming field. Each run by investors who nothing about gaming and seek only to turn a profit.

The Slow Increase

With this trend towards money over art, we have seen gaming slowly become more and more commercialized. Only a few years ago a fully-fledged triple-A game would cost a maximum of $40. Now you would be lucky to get it for that on sale.

But how does all this affect the world of e-sports? Most of the games being played are often free games such as Leauge of Legends. Is the e-sports world about to fall victim to the issue of over-commercialization.

Our opinion is that it will. Already we are seeing the effects of it. More and more companies are throwing their hats into the ring. Hiring teams to represent them, rather than the teams being scouted independently. Soon we won’t be watching actual gaming pros face-off, we will watch as cooperate paid players fight on behalf of the company.


The Effects On Us

The increase in the commercialization of the gaming world isn’t all bad. It has allowed a lot of smaller, more independent services to flourish. You can buy pre-owned games easily. You can get an aimbot for valorant or gold boosting for WoW with ease. But these are all positives designed by gamers for gamers.

What we have also seen in a steady increase in the bad practices associated with the commercial world. Games being sold half complete with the rest sold as DLC down the line. Early access titles taking the money and never finishing. Major game companies forcing you to use online DRM and legally binding you to contract to ensure you don’t own what you pay for.

And this translates into e-sports as well. Soon ticket prices are going to soar. You will be forced to give your details over to massive corporations. The e-sports tournaments will be plastered with commercial advertising and the entire audience will be forced to watch adverts in between round.


Can It Be Stopped

There is always a way to hold back these swarming tides. The only way for it not to work is for the masses to stand up and fight back. And the only way to fight back in these modern times is with your wallet.

These companies rely on the new wave of gamers, those who only know the gaming world in the twisted shape it currently sits. They rely on them funneling mass amounts of cash into the system. So, if people want to stop e-sports becoming too commercialized they need to organize and stop attending the events.

Some e-sports teams have already considered starting their own official league sanctioned by players for the players. No corporate sponsors allowed. But as it stands at the moment this is nothing more than a pipe dream.