Best Computer Equipment for a Tech-Support Office

When it comes to starting your own technology support company it can be difficult to decide what equipment will be necessary in order to run your business right. One issue that you may have when it comes to purchasing your equipment is the price, so be sure to look out online for a coupon for autonomous equipment.

A printer

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A printer is a given when it comes to running any company, especially one in the tech sector. This will mean that you will be able to print and send any important documents. It also means you will be able to do important things that any company needs to do, like create company posters or print invoices. Make sure you invest in a good printer that will last.

Decent desktops

If you’re running a tech support company, you need to have powerful and up to date computers on your side. This will allow you to do anything quickly and with efficiency, it will also allow workers to research any necessary information on the company database without taking a long time and annoying the customer. If you buy a number of desktops you should be able to receive some more than reasonable price estimates, meaning you can have quality equipment without taking too much of a dent in the bank.

External hard drives

With any company you’re going to have a lot of data coming in and out. Be this customer information, information for workers or important company information. It would be irresponsible to keep this data stored on company computers as it is easy for the data to be corrupted or lost. Because of this you should keep several physical copies to ensure your files are backed up. Make sure that you invest in some quality hard drives with plenty of storage space

The Latest Breakthroughs in 3D Printing

3D printing has been around for a long time, with the first patent on a 3D printer that constructs projects in a 2D layer from the ground up, being in 1989. But we’ve came a long way since then, with 3D printers nearly being a common site in factories and businesses now. 3D printing has just gotten more and more efficient from its origin. 3D printing is assumed to get over one-hundred times faster in the next two decades, making manufacturing using 3D printers become mainstream and a common site for all manufacturers; for example, Massachusetts Institution of Technology (MIT), have developed a new 3D printer that is ten times faster than the models currently available for commercial purchase.

3D printers will become more environmentally friendly, with the advent of being able to 3D print plant-based protein, to make meats. Livestock produces at least a fifth of all greenhouse gases on earth, so this will be huge in terms of reducing the global carbon footprint, as well as in the future, being able to 3D print meat for space colonies. 3D printing is a lot like LEGO, making items out of little parts, visit stonefoot for the best LEGO reviews and products.

Medical advancements have been in 3D printing. Soon you’ll be able to 3D print drugs, soon it’ll be able to 3D print chemical reaction vessels, which is the process of creating a pharmaceutical drug. This is called “reactionware”. Bioprinting is a large ethical issue but it could benefit living mankind but faces the same controversy as stem cells. Bioprinting is the ability to print living cells. Bioprinting is sometime used in testing already, such as skin products to see how it would react to the cells. Also, fashion is starting to catch on, with designers using software to design clothes then print them out. This could become a staple in high street fashion soon.