How You Can Use Technology To Locate The Mouse in Your House

How You Can Use Technology To Locate The Mouse in Your House

Something that we all hope never happens is an invasion of rodents in our home. No matter where you live and how clean your house is, it is inevitable that you will see a mouse in your home at one point or another. Mice are natural scavengers and they will invade places where they believe there is a found source. Unfortunately, the packed cupboards in our homes make a perfect snack for mice and so it is likely that a mouse will get into them when they get the chance.

Though you may not mind mice it is likely that you don’t want them in your home. Mice can cause damage to your property and even spread germs in your home. They will also help themselves to anything edible, which means that your food will become contaminated.

If you are reading this article, then it is likely that you are having a mouse problem. Though you may know that there is a house somewhere in your home, it is likely that you are having a problem hunting them down. Mice are incredibly small and they find it easy to navigate around a home without making much noise. To an untrained eye, it can be incredibly difficult to locate a mouse, which can make the process of getting rid of them much longer.

The longer that a mouse isn’t found, the more damage it can cause, so you want to be able to find it as quickly as possible. Luckily, innovations in technology have made it easier to track mice down. Here is how you can use technology to locate the mouse in your house.


It is likely that when there is a mouse in your home, there will be plenty of instances where you are sure that a mouse was in a certain part of your home, but you have no proof and so you cannot be certain. You may also believe that you know exactly where the mice are hiding, but mice are incredibly sneaky and so can make their way through your home without being noticed at all.

This is where cameras come in. Though mice will know to avoid humans and other mammals, a camera will not be on its radar. If there is a certain area where you believe a mouse is residing, then set up a camera in that area.

Within days you will have video evidence of where the mouse is located. This means that you will know where you need to target and where you can find the mice. This will make getting rid of them much easier.

Mouse Bait Stations

Though you have likely already heard of mouse bait stations, you may not know how to use mouse bait stations. You are likely familiar with mouse bait, which is a poison that is used to kill any mice that may be in your home.
Though mouse bait is an effective way to get rid of the mice in your house, it can be easy for it to be blown away from the wind and also be eaten by other animals. The last thing that you want is for a family pet to eat poison, which is why mouse bait stations are so useful. They create a protective shell around the poison, which means that the only animals that will be able to get into the stations are mice.

Along with the poison, you should fill the stations with other foods that are loved by mice. For example, bread products or even foods that have high sugar content. This is a great way to get rid of mice and it takes minimal effort from you.

What’s the Best Computer Chair in 2020

If you spend a lot of your day working at a computer, whether that’s because you are a student doing work or it is required for your job, it is important to ensure that the chair you are sitting in is comfortable. Studies show that people who work at a computer generally have worse posture and are likely to have bad back and neck pain. There are many factors that need to be taken into account before purchasing a computer chair for your office or workstation, all of which have been weighed up and considered in an attempt to find the best computer chair in 2020. In looking at the chairs at theo-theo, there are a few contenders for this title, some of which being:

The Reficcer Executive Office Chair

This chair is perfect for people who are on the heavier or taller side, as it is designed to seat people who weigh up to 350 pounds. The leather cushion that it comes with provides a lot of comfort whilst sitting in it and gives good back support, meaning less pain in the long run. The controls allow the user to lower or raise the seat to suit how high the desk they are working at is. This chair is one that will not completely leave you out of pocket, coming in at a price of $239.99 on Amazon, and thanks to the benefits this seat has to people who need a sturdier chair, this price sets it apart.

Sihoo Ergonomic Office Chair

This is another contender for the title of best computer chair in 2020, thanks to the support that it provides for your neck and back, promoting good posture and reducing pain caused by sitting at a computer for long hours of the day. This is thanks to the adjustable headrest and lower back area. The chair also comes with a one-year warranty for $299.99 on Amazon. Despite all of this, some reviews have stated that the quality of the mesh material makes the sitting experience somewhat uncomfortable.

SMUGDESK Ergonomic Executive Office Chair

This chair is extremely durable thanks to its leather upholstery as well as having ergonomic padding in the armrest, providing support for the upper body and helping improve posture. The controls on the chair allow the user to adjust the height, as well as having a mechanic that allows the chair to tilt backwards for optimal relaxation. Coming in at a price of just $149.99, this chair is the cheapest option of those already considered.


Having taken many factors into account, such as price, benefits for posture as ease of use; The Reficcer Executive Office Chair looks to be the best computer chair in 2020. This is thanks to its sturdiness, allowing users of all sizes to use it in comfort, as well as the ability to tilt 135 degrees backward. Whilst it is more expensive than other options considered, the price is still reasonable for the long-lasting chair and is cheaper than other available computer chairs.